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Bridging the Gap to A Healthier Future

Kitika Mobile Healthcare is dedicated to bridging the gap in healthcare delivery. Our complete and reliable Telehealth solutions are the building blocks that empower organizations in creating a healthier future for their members, employees and stakeholders.
Industries We Serve

HMO Providers and Insurers

Kitika Mobile Healthcare works with the country’s leading HMO providers and insurers in bridging the gap in the delivery of affordable, safe and quality medical care through our Telehealth services. Our collaboration brings protection and peace of mind to the policyholders making their benefits of immeasurable value.

SMEs and Large Corporations

COVID-19 Pandemic has changed how employees perceive their benefits. Kitika Mobile Healthcare bridges the gap between employers’ offering and employees’ needs through the right Telehealth solution tailored to the needs of small and large businesses enabling them to provide a safer and healthier workplace.

Features & Benefits

Leverage Kitika’s Teleheath Benefits in Your Organization

24/7 Unlimited Medical Consultations
Reduction of Healthcare Cost
Quick & Convenient
Access to Medical Care
Employee Productivity
and Efficiency
Healthier Lifestyle
Peace of Mind
Customer Satisfaction
and Loyalty

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